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Author Topic: Turnig bitmessage in an anonymous alternative to Twitter  (Read 409 times)


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Turnig bitmessage in an anonymous alternative to Twitter
« on: March 02, 2018, 05:00:52 AM »

Purpose : using bitmessage as an alternative to twitter, with a certain level of anonymity, to do without Tor or VPN providers.

Long ago there was a tool named "potato" to anonymously publish  messages on newsgroups, using  circuits  :
- you (the sender) pick for instance 3 (or more, you choose) connected tomato users, 3 nodes a b and c
- you encrypt your message  plus "publishing order" (name of the newsgroup...) with the public key of c
- you add c adress, and encrypt the resullt with the public key of b
- you add b adress, and encrypt with the public key of a
- you send to a
- and then each node decrypt with its private key and send to the next node, finally c publish the message to the newsgroup...

Other features we could think about :
- to obfuscate the flow, perhaps could be imagined ghost messages to be sent randomly by  nodes, if the overall traffic is too low
- and to standardise the length of the messages
- the sender could join to his message a "forward ack route" with other nodes from c to him, consisting of a random chain encrypted with c public key...

Doing this way one could broadcast posts without using anonymity tools that we are not sure any government could not put the hand on in a way or another.

Perhaps what I suggest is already done, I don't know.

Sadly I am not a developer and I can not give birth to it...

Thank you