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Author Topic: Bitseal - a Bitmessage client for Android  (Read 74494 times)


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Re: Bitseal - a Bitmessage client for Android
« Reply #75 on: May 03, 2015, 04:57:00 PM »
Bitseal 0.5.5 is now available.

- Fixed a bug which caused new screens to be opened instead of re-using existing ones.
- Modified configuration for communication with server to improve performance.

Known Issues:
- Scrolling in the Inbox and Sent lists is still slow while catching up with the network.
- Bitseal still uses a lot of bandwidth and battery life! Keep an eye on this while testing.

Beta testers who have joined the Google+ testing group should get the update automatically.

Other testers can either download a pre-compiled APK file or compile the app from the Github repository.

Many thanks to all the testers for their feedback so far! Particular thanks also to everyone who has donated to support Bitseal's development.

Anyone who would like to make a donation can use the Bitcoin address 1ALTrxJ3Yn3Rc85Uf467u3ZcpHCzx4jDAT.
My address: BM-NBdhY8vpWJVL2YocA2Gfjf7eVoZAgbEs


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Re: Bitseal - a Bitmessage client for Android
« Reply #76 on: June 07, 2015, 10:48:46 AM »

I've been wanting to post this feedback for weeks, but didn't get around to it untill now as I just found my paper notes and skribbles somewhere, so sorry if it is a bit incomplete.
Anyway, this feedback is LOW priority, as it doesn't involve the regular devices BitSeal is designed for!

Device tested: Boyue T61 Ereader (yes, an Ereader with open Android, not a smartphone!)

Works: not completely.

Feedback and toughts:

- sent is stuck at "requesting encryption keys from server", so I think a possible connection problem.
- the log file seems only local, so no "attempting to contact server XXXXXXX" or the like.
- I get the message that it is 25 days etc... behind the network, but I have no idea if any servers are contacted.
- restart background service doesn't seem te do anything, neither toggling the "wifi only".
- importing/adding adresses doesn't allow for deterministic adresses, so a mayor PITA to get my adress in there to test. (instead of regenerating my adress, I had to try sending a message to my test-laptop to test and ended up manually typing it in.)
- obviously no QR codes can be scanned, but when tried I get a blank popup window with a "yes" or "no". My guess is this is an external dependency on a QR/barcode-reader that is not installed in ereaders?
- no SOCKS5 support, so trying to run everything over "Orbot" cannot be tested.
- a "shutdown app" button would be nice. Now I have to go to settings>apps>Killapp and click on the "may disbehave" button.
- E-ink displays are not good at fast updates, so for future enhanced-compatibility, maybe a "E-ink" checkbox can be done so screen updates have at least one second delay between them. (I think this is the reason for the empty popup window from above, however all this may be the OS' responsability and not the app? Orbot has the too-fast-updates issue dough... so maybe BitSeal too?

- On separate Note: "AnTox", the android app for the Tox network does work (one display issue, but that is all), and the Tox network is open source and uses Bittorrent-like DHT for node routing. Maybe this can be adopted for one of the streams proposals as a means of enlisting different nodes and streams?

Anyway, too bad BitSeal doesn't work (yet) on this device, as it would be handy on travels if it did. Obviously real smartphones are the platform it should be designed for, but as E-ink displays and various Android devices become more mainstream, maybe these tests are usefull.

If you want more specific tests or info on this device, just ask!
(Also make sure you keep offering a download link+hash for the .apk file, as most people don't want to register with Google/middleman to just get an app the developers should put on their website anyways.  Some devices even can't run or install the Google Store, so a big thumbs up you have the .apk for everybody!)


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Re: Bitseal - a Bitmessage client for Android
« Reply #77 on: March 17, 2018, 09:15:05 AM »
I've been using Bitseal for long however it no longer works on Android 8.0 on my Note 8. Any idea when will Bitmessage release an official client for android?